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18th March 2013


RIP Ursula you are missed 1987-2/18/2013

RIP Ursula you are missed 1987-2/18/2013

18th March 2013

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Fauxhawking baby style.

Thas muh boy! =D


Fauxhawking baby style.

Thas muh boy! =D

17th March 2013

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Swimming upstream…

Isnt it odd how one song can take you back to a place and time when everyone was a little better off, and a little happier? I just think its completely crazy that something as simple as a song can do that, I may be alone here but personally certain songs, when I hear them enable me to remember things like it was yesterday… the smells, the seasons, my emotions and feelings. I can remember certain things in absolute detail just by hearing a few seconds of a song…. absolutely mind blowing. Thanks for the trip Ra and Dashboard =D

11th February 2013


Heres the lil e28 “ursula” the first pic is just a month or so after i got her and the last pic is from a couple days ago, shes went through a bit of changes and theres still more to come

16th January 2013


So, i got a little bored, and watching top gear made me make a list of the cars ive owned over the years along with their motors, hp torque weight and retail prices… so heres my long shady car history lol.

1996 Mitusbishi Galant (Black)

·       2.4L i4 auto fwd

·       141hp/148 ft-lbs

·       2866lbs

·       Retail: $19,790

1987 BMW 325es (Red)

·       2.5L i6 5spd rwd

·       168hp/166 ft-lbs

·       2601lbs

·       Retail: $24,370

1991 Volkswagen Jetta (Black)

·       1.8L i4 5spd fwd

·       100hp/107 ft-lbs

·       2275lbs

·       Retail: $10,930

2001 Chevrolet Blazer (Black)

·       4.3L V6 auto 4x4 

·       190hp/250 ft-lbs

·       4050lbs

·       Retail: $26,905

1992 Ford Mustang (Silver)

·       2.3L i4 auto rwd

·       105hp/135 ft-lbs

·       2834lbs

·       Retail: $14,207

1991 Acura Integra (Black)

·       1.8L i4 5spd fwd

·       130hp/121 ftlbs

·       2606lbs

·       Retail: $16,645

1998 Oldsmobile Acheiva (Maroon)

·       3.1L V6 auto fwd

·       150hp/180 ft-lbs

·       2917lbs

·       Retail: $17,815

1986 Nissan 300zx (Red)

·       3.oL V6 5spd rwd

·       160hp/174 ft-lbs

·       3240lbs

·       Retail: $17,694

1991 Toyota Celica GT (Black)

·       2.2L i4 5spd fwd

·       130hp/144 ft-lbs

·       2696lbs

·       Retail: $15,388

1988 Toyota Celica GT-S (Maroon)

·       2.0L i4 fwd

·       135hp/125 ft-lbs

·       2703lbs

·       Retail: $15,648

1970 Dodge Dart (Green)

·       198 cui i6 rwd

·       125hp/180 ft-lbs

·       2976lbs

·       Retail: $2,308

1984 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 (Black)

·       5.0L V8 rwd

·       150hp/240 ft-lbs

·       3208lbs

·       Retail: $10,620

1984 Mercury Grand Marquis (White)

·       4.9L v8 auto rwd

·       130hp/230 ft-lbs

·       3780lbs

·       Retail: $12,131

2001 Oldsmobile Alero (Black)

·       2.4l i4 5spd fwd

·       150hp/155 ft-lbs

·       2973lbs

·       Retail: $17,210

1973 Ford Maverick (Gold)

·       200cid i6 auto rwd

·       85hp/151 ft-lbs

·       2756lbs

·       Retail: $2,248

1983 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale Brougham (Cream)

·       5.0L V8 auto rwd

·       180hp/245 ft-lbs

·       3695lbs

·       Retail: $9,896

1987 BMW 528e (Bronze)

·       2.7L i6 5spd rwd

·       127hp/170 ft-lbs

·       3075lbs

·       Retail: $28,330

15th December 2012


Lets have a second take…

here i am trying this again…. i swear this year has flown by but it has been crazy/weird/awkward/somewhat fun year. since this is based around cars i shall give some update,s the old 73 maverick is long gone traded for a honda rebel which was sold to a good friend of mine in which he has given up all hope on it like i did lol. The old Delta i was rocking from febuary to sept has been traded for a wonderful little 87 bmw 528e which i am currently tryin to work out some mods and hopefully getting ready for autox next year. and well that leaves my old 70 dart “lazy jane” shes still sittin in my cousins yard but im cooking up some ideas to bring her back to life hopefully fairly soon, and on things unrelated to cars… I got a son in november and im already tryin to turn him into a gearhead =D… thats about it for this post i suppose… think i may post pics and stories of things here in awhile so stay tuned.

4th April 2012


My 1986 Honda CMX250 Rebel “Frankenstein” without and with the fender, new seat goes on today pics will follow =D

4th April 2012


yay new shit goin on…. for the folks i talk to youve seen it and realize the god awful FUGLY trim down the side is now gone…. for everyone else my 1983 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royal Brougham

11th January 2012


"vanessa" and my lil bike last summer. man that lil bike was fun as hell

"vanessa" and my lil bike last summer. man that lil bike was fun as hell

11th January 2012


"Vanessa" last summer when she finally got turned all one color lol

"Vanessa" last summer when she finally got turned all one color lol